Katie Cook Has Hidden Herself In Her Star Wars ABC Book – Can You Find Her? #C2Ccon2017

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From Coast-To-Coast Comic-Con, Katie Cook talked about this week’s upcoming My Little Pony: Deviations from IDW which asks What if Twilight Sparkle wasn’t the star of My Little Pony but Prince Blueblood was… a complete jerk. When she pitched it to IDW/Hasbro, she said that he might be redeemed by the end. Spoilers, he won’t be, the moral is that some people are just jerks.

And you can look for points of future stuff in Tumblr.

Can you find R2KT in her Star Wars ABC kids book? Katie has put herself in there in a very green fashion on the X-Wing page. She’ also doing an exclusive print for Star Wars Celebrations from Acme, and will fit with the previous ones….


But don’t expect any kiddie-themed stuff for Rogue One. Though Katie Cook would design a T-shirt with the words “Don’t Get Attached To Anyone” on it.

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