Could Gabby Rivera Write A New LGBTQ Power Pack Comic For Marvel? #C2Ccon2017

Writer Gabby Rivera and editor Will Moss have been talking to Coast-To-Coast Comic-Con, talking about their new Marvel Comic America. "A badass Latina who like girls and punches things and is able to travel through dimensions on a journey to find herself. Get ready for soft pinks, blues and oranges like you've never seen before. Get on […]

How To Train Your Dragon Comics To Gain A Little More Diversity #C2Ccon2017

It may be an assumption that an ongoing series of films, TV shows and comics set in a Ancient Norse fantasy world may be restricted in the portrayal of ethnic diversity. As in, everyone's a bit… norse. That ignores, of course, that a) people get around b) Vikings really get around, c) there's that word […]

The Open Space Of Grass Kings With Matt Kindt And Tyler Jenkins At #C2Ccon2017

All Coast-To-Coast Comic-Con participating retailers, received the below map, to promote the new Boom! comic from Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins, Grass Kings. Which seems to have gone down well. Just checked our mail. Looky what @boomstudios sent us! #grasskings @C2CComicCon exclusive. Thanks @rossrichie @FilipSablik pic.twitter.com/7b9RvGHYBn — Commander Jen King (@commanderking) March 4, 2017 Out this Wednesday, […]

Jim Lee Says Returns On DC Rebirth "Less Than Expected" #C2Ccon2017

The word from retailer sources, distribution sources and, well Marvel Comics SVP Sales David Gabriel, was that DC Comics Rebirth returns were higher than expected, much higher than DC New 52, and as a result comic book stores suffered greater cashflow issues as a result – with Gabriel pointing towards that issue as causing problems for retailers […]

Looks Like Scott Koblish Will Be On Deadpool For The Immediate Decade #C2Ccon2017

At Coast-To-Coast Comic-Con, Scott Koblish is talking Spider-Man/Deadpool, working on finishing issue 16 right now. And he does love his lot on the character. He's basically staying on Deadpool. Finished Deadpool 2099. And now more Deadpool. He's very happy that the character caught on, it wasn't that long ago working on the character when no one […]

What Happens To The Thunderbolts During Secret Empire? Jim Zub Talks #C2Ccon2017

At Coast-To-Coast Comic-Con, Jim Zub is talking Glitterbomb, Dungeons & Dragons, Thunderbolts, Monsters Unleashed and more. Busy boy. And now he'll be writing Uncanny Avengers from June, drawn by at the Kim Jacinto, with Rogue, Quicksilver, Doctor Voodoo, Synapse, Human Torch. It launches with two issues of Secret Empire crossover and then new cast members to follow […]

X-O Manowar #1 Will Be Told In Hypercompressed Storytelling #C2Ccon2017

At Coast-To-Coast Comic-Con, Valiant are dropping Aric onto a primitive alien world for X-O Manowar #1 – without any continuity needed. We had decompressed comics. We once had compressed comics. Well, writer Matt Kindt has already written the first 13 scripts for X-O Manowar, in what they call "hypercompressed" storytelling. They also want to talk […]

Angel Will Revisit "Old Friends" In Season Eleven Comics #C2Ccon2017

From Coast-To-Coast Comic-Con, Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman have been talking about their work together, and apart – and how Invisible Republic from Image Comics is on suspension until the fall, as they have been hired to work on another book which hasn't been announced yet. Though Hardman did want to push his one-shot The Belfry […]