GDC: Nintendo's 2D Breath Of The Wild Prototype Was Actually 3D

GDC: Nintendo’s 2D Breath Of The Wild Prototype Was Actually 3D

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Nintendo seems to be having fun at GDC today. They’ve been tweeting live updates from their GDC presentation about Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

While the presentation seems to be absolutely fascinating, one of the weirder moments happened to be when they spoke of creating a 2D prototype for Breath of the Wild to get it to be a game that went beyond the limits of previous Zelda titles.

Looks like classic Zelda right? So, the design Breath of the Wild, they designed two games then? Will we get the 2D Zelda? It all seems like so much effort just to make Breath of the Wild. Sure, Zelda is one of Nintendo’s best selling franchises, but still. It seems absurd right?

But wait. It gets weirder. They then broke our brains about a half hour later with this one:

So that 2D prototype was actually a 3D prototype running the physics engine for Breath of the Wild in the background. So it seems unlike that it’s a fully functioning game, but that is a rather innovative approach to making a sequel.

If fans react to this well, I think it’ll make everyone over at Nintendo happy. The presentation is still going on so you can check it out over on the Nintendo twitter to stay in the loop or catch up. There’s some fun tidbits in there including developer emails.

For more Breath of the Wild news, you can read up about the expansion pass here, or check out all the trailers for it leading up to the launch of the Switch this Friday.

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