Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Wins Bill Sienkiewicz Sketch For Trump Handshake


Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported on a contest being held by legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz, in which Sienkiewicz offered to draw a free character sketch for anyone who managed shake President Donald Trump’s hand on camera and pull the president off-balance, reversing his own signature move. Sienkiewicz ended up removing the Facebook post announcing the contest, but he’s still posting on Twitter, indicating he has not received a visit from the Secret Service and a thorough anal probing for inciting violence against the president — or, if he has, he’s keeping quiet about it.

In any case, Sienkiewicz was informed last night that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earned the prize:

Sienkiewicz responded:

You just know it’s going to be someone from Alpha Flight. Canadians are so predictable.

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