Funko: Please Make A Nazi-Punching Warren Ellis Pop! Vinyl

Funko: Please Make A Nazi-Punching Warren Ellis Pop! Vinyl

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If there’s one thing the readers of Bleeding Cool love, it’s Funko Pop! Vinyls, the adorable statues that seem to be all the rage these days, with Funko Pops representing just about every geek franchise on the face of the planet. Articles about newly released Funko Pop! Vinyls are an endless source of clicks for Bleeding Cool, as people cannot seem to get enough of them.

If there’s another thing the readers of Bleeding Cool love, it’s Warren Ellis punching Nazis. A post about the superstar comics writer talking about whether or not it is okay to punch Nazis in the face (answer: yes), was clicked and shared on social media like crazy earlier this month. It is still being retweeted several times a day this week.

Being the keen market analysts we are here at Bleeding Cool, it’s clear to us that this is an incredible opportunity to create synergy between two very compatible brands, and produce a product that will provide Bleeding Cool with enough clicks to sustain us for the next several years.

Funko, please make a Nazi-PunchingWarren Ellis Pop! Vinyl. We’ve already designed it for you above. Besides, Nazi-Punching Warren Ellis is probably the only character who doesn’t have a Funko Pop! Vinyl yet. We here at Bleeding Cool really feel that failing to create a Nazi-Punching Warren Ellis Pop! Vinyl would be a tremendous missed opportunity, just as failing to produce an article loaded with keywords such as “Warren Ellis,” “Nazi-Punching,” and “Funko Pop! Vinyl” would be a tremendous missed opportunity for Bleeding Cool.

But we’re smarter than that, as you can see. And so are you, Funko. So please produce a Nazi-Punching Warren Ellis Pop! Vinyl figure at your earliest opportunity, and also, please give the EXCLUSIVE reveal to Bleeding Cool. Thank you for listening.

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