DC Comics Cancels Gerard Jones' Justice League And Green Lantern Collections After Child Pornography Charges

514pyh6934lAs of now, the Amazon listings for Justice League: Breakdowns and Green Lantern: Hal Jordan Vol. 2 have both been made "unavailable for sale", and can no longer be directly searched for on the site. They have also been dropped from the Edelweiss site.

The first one was going to collect the "Breakdowns" crossover that ended the Giffen era of the Justice League books, including seven Justice League Europe issues scripted by comic book writer Gerard Jones.

The second one was set to collect the first 12 issues of the 1990 Green Lantern series written by Gerard Jones.

I understand that this is down to the arrest of Gerard Jones on child pornography and related charges, to which he is pleading not guilty.

His work also appears in the just-released Green Lantern Vol 1 which had already hit distribution

It remains to be seen whether The Flash by Mark Waid Vol. 2, which is set to include 3 Green Lantern issues written by Jones (#30-31 and #40) due to crossovers, will have its contents changed.

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