Eisner Award Winner Michael Oeming On The Ground At Portland International Airport’s Immigration Crackdown Protest

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As protests continued to spread at airports around the country in response to Mr. Trump’s executive order against the Immigration & Travel Ban from selected Middle Eastern countries, Portland International Airport was no exception. At 3 p.m. PST today, a crowd of 100 or so protestors arrived at the airport. Police Officers on the scene noted that there’s an ordinance against marching at the airport, but the Portland Mercury reported that as of 4:15 no tickets had been issued.

One participant of the protest is none other than comic artist and creator, Michael Oeming. He’s been posting photos of the protest throughout the afternoon, and so far it appears it’s been peaceful with police holding back.

Currently he’s one of the creative pair behind the multi-Eisner Award winning Powers comic series.


As the evening has gone on, airport staffers have been supportive of the protesters.


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