Logan Isn’t Rated By MPAA Yet And Some Trailer Footage We’ve Seen Could End Up In Unrated Cut

Wolverine eating a wiener

Everyone was pretty universally excited by this morning’s final trailer release for Logan, the final Wolverine film starring Hugh Jackman. It’s also been an accepted fact that the movie is aiming for an R rating, with director James Mangold telling Fandango today:

I was already writing this movie before Deadpool came out, but I will say that what Deadpool did is it made the studio feel a lot better about taking the risk I was asking them to take. They saw there was a marketplace reward for being different.

However, what we may have taken for granted is the fact that the footage we’ve been seeing will be part of that R-rated film. According to Mangold, that may not be the case, as the movie hasn’t been officially rated yet:

I guess… thing is, we haven’t gotten through the ratings board yet. What you’ve seen might be the unrated version! That’s a good question that we’ll have to uncover. It’s uncomfortable to talk about ratings only to the degree that we’re not supposed to talk about ratings. Not because we’re clearly making a hard film, but because we’re not supposed to say what the rating should be since that’s the job of the MPAA and we don’t want to make them angry.

So Logan is aiming for an R rating, but it doesn’t have it yet, and it’s possible some things could need to be cut. Also, it looks like directors fear publicly angering the MPAA lest they give them a worse rating out of spite, which seems about on par with everything we know about the organization.

Logan hits theaters on March 3.

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