Does Doctor Who Make Another Visit To Today’s Clone Conspiracy#4? (SPOILERS)

Today’s Clone Conspiracy #4 from Dan Slott and Steven Cheung reunites scientist Anna with Otto Octavius, Doctor Octopus. They were a couple when Otto had taken over Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s brain, before he sacrificed his conscious to that of Peter Parker to save her life. And now he is back, with Anna aware of who is is, who he was, and exactly what he did.


So how’s that going to go over?

1484731891253What do the peanut gallery think?


Well, that’s a little mean. Clearly, you could write this stuff. Because Dan Slott did. But what’s that about no television? How will that work? Because┬áthat means no Doctor Who. And one of the joys of reading Dan Slott is to see the bits that he got from Doctor Who. Such as this snatch of dialogue.

Because that did feel a familiar line…. check out one minute fifty into this Youtube clip, the final moments of Tom Baker as The Doctor from the story Logopolis.

Especially as he’d just seen many of his old friends and enemies from a lifetime, all at once together…

1484731818519Are the goblins playing kiss chase?

Clone Conspiracy #4 is published today.

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