Could Sony Sell Spider-Man To CBS?

Posted by January 16, 2017 Comment


The Hollywood Reporter is engaging in what Bleeding Cool like to dub “Mindless Speculation.” Though they seem less willing to headline it.

Reporting on the departure of Michael Lynton from Sony Entertainment as CEO as , they speculate as to some of the possible consequences.

They run the rumour that his successor is Andrew House, currently president and global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, and involved in the Playstation from the start to its current status, including creating original programming like Powers.


Which could lead to more games-oriented programming, TV and movies, and a greater exploitation of the Spider-Man brand and its spinoffs, alongside Marvel.

But hedging its bets, THR also reports that Sony may sell its entertainment assets instead, with CBS buying Sony Entertainment in one big gulp, the films, the TV, the lot. And, yes, those Spider-Man film rights too.

Although they do end the piece saying “Sony has repeatedly and recently denied any plans to sell. And a CBS source says, “There is nothing to it.”” So that’s alright then. As you were.

So that’s alright then. As you were.

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