More Phoenix Madness With Outlaw Comic Con And Grandma Elinor’s House Of Quilts

It must be the heat. How else to explain the PR mess Phoenix Comicon got into, or the comic stores that were closing down but then weren’t or some might b  if they could just work out who owns them, and the comic convention setting up to replace Amazing Arizona Comic Con, that may have promised guests it didn’t have.

The latest kerfuffle is from the latter show, previously the Wild West Comic Con, now the Outlaw Comic Con – the show that got Rob Liefeld so irate, remember over actions of show organiser Mike Wheeler? Well, if guests do decline to show, they found a new tactic. Get fans to beg.


Nerd And Tie did a fine job of recording how the upcoming show for 2018 was rude to customers and potential vendors on the internet, after the complained about what they saw as overly high prices, for a first time show, at a venue yet to be decided upon, and saw their complaints deleted from Facebook, earning this rebuke;


Grandma Elinor’s House Of Quilts? Will Rob Liefeld be signing? Subsequent reaction was also rather negative. Which needed another reply from Mike Wheeler.


It’s true, trolls are often a problem. But organiser Mike Wellfield didn’t exactly make this better by going to a Trump activist page on Facebook to suggest that… well… they troll his detractors.


There’s such a thing as fighting fire with fire, but this is more like fighting fire with kerosene. Naturally there were apologies…
The convention has now finalised its pricing and expects to be located in the Phoenix Convention Center.

But man, what is it with Phoenix Comic Cons and PR?

Oh and one other thing. There is now a Grandma Elinor’s House Of Quilts…

16111863_10210181849076733_1610459777_nThe fight continues here….

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