Prepare To Be Outraged; Hasbro Is Changing Up The Monopoly Tokens Again In “Token Madness” Vote

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In a move that’s sure to send shockwaves throughout the board game universe, Hasbro is holding a special fan voting event called Token Madness, and the popular board game Monopoly will never be the same again! For roughly the next 20 days, fans can visit the Token Madness website and vote for their favorite tokens. users can select up to 8 tokens from a massive list featuring 56 brand new ones. It’s unclear how much effect this will have on Hasbro’s final selection, and whether they plan to potentially replace all of the remaining classic tokens, or simply add a few new ones.

In any case, Entertainment Weekly wins journalism this week, as they revealed all of the new tokens in an unprecedented 65 slide slideshow, with multiple ads interspersed amongst the slide. Most sites that copied the news were deterred by this, but your friends at Bleeding Cool entered the dangerous profession of entertainment journalism knowing that, sometimes, we would have to do the hard work that nobody else wanted to. So, we clicked through every single one of Entertainment Weekly’s slides, click by painstaking click, and right-click by arduous save-as, we downloaded all of the images, and have uploaded them here for you to view, all in one page (which, now that we think about it, will probably crash your browser, if our autoplay video ad didn’t already do that).

Scroll through, and if you make it to the bottom without smoke pouring out of your computer, post your angriest comment about Monopoly changing the sacred Monopoly tokens again. We mean, really. How dare they? Did they learn nothing from getting rid of the shoe?!

Of course, 2013’s unceremonious culling of the shoe via fan vote in 2013, inspired by DC Comics’ Batman #427, wasn’t the first time the pieces changed, though the shoe was one of the original set. Standard Monopoly has had at least 20 tokens over the years, and there’s only 8 in the current game (though that number has fluctuated too), so we’re pretty sure, if you do the math, you’ll find they’ve changed quite a few. However, we here at Bleeding Cool firmly believe that, whichever tokens were in the game when you were a child are the right ones, god dammit, and they can take them away over your dead body!

So head over to to the website and vote – for the classics! – and make sure that future generations don’t see “the hashtag” or “the smiley emoticon” as their classic Monopoly tokens, because that would truly be a tragedy.

mono_tm_hat_large_300dpi mono_tm_scottie_large_300dpi mono_tm_boot_large_300dpi mono_tm_battleship_large_300dpi mono_tm_car_large_300dpi mono_tm_wheelbarrow_large_300dpi mono_tm_thimble_large_300dpi mono_tm_cat_large_300dpi mono_tm_tv_large_300dpi mono_tm_typewriter_large_300dpi mono_tm_trumpet_large_300dpi mono_tm_smiley-face_large_300dpi mono_tm_wink-face_large_300dpi mono_tm_kissy-face_large_300dpi mono_tm_crying-with-laughter_large_300dpi mono_tm_emoji_large_300dpi mono_tm_wheel_large_300dpi mono_tm_wellington-boot_large_300dpi mono_tm_watch_large_300dpi mono_tm_trex_large_300dpi mono_tm_tortoise_large_300dpi mono_tm_thumbs-up_large_300dpi mono_tm_tennis-shoes_large_300dpi mono_tm_surfboard_large_300dpi mono_tm_sunglasses_large_300dpi mono_tm_sliced-bread_large_300dpi mono_tm_shoe_large_300dpi mono_tm_scooter_large_300dpi mono_tm_sailboat_large_300dpi mono_tm_rotary-phone_large_300dpi mono_tm_rooster_large_300dpi mono_tm_rollerskates_large_300dpi mono_tm_race-car_large_300dpi mono_tm_rabbit_large_300dpi mono_tm_pocket-watch_large_300dpi mono_tm_plane_large_300dpi mono_tm_bath_large_300dpi mono_tm_penguin_large_300dpi mono_tm_nascar_large_300dpi mono_tm_motorbike_large_300dpi mono_tm_monster-truck_large_300dpi mono_tm_life-preserver_large_300dpi mono_tm_key_large_300dpi mono_tm_jetski_large_300dpi mono_tm_horse_large_300dpi mono_tm_helicopter_large_300dpi mono_tm_hashtag_large_300dpi mono_tm_grammaphone_large_300dpi mono_tm_flip-flop_large_300dpi mono_tm_fish_large_300dpi mono_tm_fire_large_300dpi mono_tm_ducky_large_300dpi mono_tm_cufflinks_large_300dpi mono_tm_cowboy-hat_large_300dpi mono_tm_cowboy-boot_large_300dpi mono_tm_computer_large_300dpi mono_tm_clip_large_300dpi mono_tm_cellphone_large_300dpi mono_tm_camera_large_300dpi mono_tm_bunny-slippers_large_300dpi mono_tm_bowtie_large_300dpi mono_tm_bicycle_large_300dpi mono_tm_millionaire-boat_large_300dpi mono_tm_beachball_large_300dpi

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