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Hasbro Announces “Ms. Monopoly” Highlighting Pay Gap Issues

Hasbro has introduced a new version of Monopoly this week as they attempt to bring the pay gap issue to light in gaming with Ms. Monopoly. The game is designed to celebrate women trailblazers with a new character gracing the box cover who shares the game’s title. In this version, properties are replaced by inventions […]

Hasbro Announces “Monopoly Voice Banking” Board Game

Hasbro is making a new change to Monopoly by creating a new audio-driven version of the game called Monopoly Voice Banking. The game will come with a small electronic voice banker which will essentially serve as an impartial third party to the side and handle a number of tasks in the game, as you use […]

Review: Monopoly Cash Grab Game

A while ago we had received a unique board game in the mail as Hasbro sent us the Monopoly Cash Grab Game to check out and review. We weren’t entirely sure what to make of it looking at the box, other than the obvious that it was a Make-It-Rain money shooter designed to have a […]

Become the Master of Pizza with Monopoly Pizza Board Game

If you love pizza as much as we do, Hasbro has a tasty looking version of Monopoly on the way that should get your mouth watering. Monopoly Pizza will be available soon at your favorite game store! Here’s the details from Hasbro: Who wants pizza? Monopoly Pizza, that is! In this delicious twist on the […]

Hasbro Reveals the Monopoly Cash Grab Game with Money Blaster

Have you ever wanted an excuse to shoot money at friends? Now you have one with the Monopoly Cash Grab game with a Money Blaster. Hasbro unveiled this brand new version of the classic where you basically shoot money into the air for other players to collect. It runs on three AAA batteries and comes […]

Worst Games to Play with Your Family at the Holidays

While there are certain games that are immediately family friendly and great at keeping kids entertained, there are also games you just do not want to break out after stuffing yourself with tryptophan. We’ve already talked about the best games to play with your family, so now its time to talk about the absolute worst […]

New ‘Game of Thrones’ Monopoly Edition Coming in 2019

If you didn’t know, today is actually Play Monopoly Day, and what better strange-celebrant date to reveal a new Game of Thrones edition of the classic board game? Coming in January of 2019 (seriously, not for the holidays?), the new edition of the classic real estate-centric game as described by HASBRO: MONOPOLY: GAME OF THRONES Edition […]

Fortnite is Getting a Version of Monopoly

For some reason, we’re getting a Monopoly version of the battle royale phenomenon Fortnite, and we’re a little puzzled why. Hasbro confirmed that they will be producing the board game which, like a lot of Monopoly titles, will take from locations in the video game and plant them on the board to match up with locations […]

Playing With Hasbro’s Monopoly Gamer at PAX East

Monopoly, in general, gets a bad rap for being a game that causes a lot of fights. And it should to a degree because the goal of the game is to be a capitalist and put everyone else in the poor house. Which is why we enjoyed seeing a new version stray away from that […]

Hasbro Coming Out With A “Cheaters” Version Of Monopoly

I don’t think there’s a single person on the planet who has played Monopoly and not cheated at some point in time. And why not? The game is basically a lightning rod for ruthless economic behavior int he housing industry, and the people you’re bilking are your friends and family. We once caught my mom […]

The Toys That Made Us: 6 Brands That We are Going to Need Episodes on Pronto

The Toys That Made Us, an 8-part documentary series (as the theme song would tell you) now streaming on Netflix details the histories behind everyone’s favorite toy lines. The first four episodes discuss in detail and with great reverence the vintage Kenner Star Wars line, Barbie and her complicated history (featuring the creepiest…statue? Ever.), Masters […]

JJ Abrams trolls Hasbro Hard Over Rey/Monopoly Fiasco

JJ Abrams has now weighed in on the whole Star Wars The Force Awakens Monopoly game fiasco. Remember: all they had to do was not take Eighteen months to put out their “insufficient interest” statement and just put the game out for everyone to buy, like they said they would. Then, this sort of thing […]

Rey Is Apparently Still Not In Monopoly, So Again…#WheresRey?

Remember when The Force Awakens came out, and everyone saw it a bunch of times and liked it and you went to the store afterwards and wanted to buy a Rey figure for your kids and they were nowhere to be found? Sure you do. Remember the Twitter rage, #WheresRey? Of course you do. While […]

First Plans For Star Wars 40th Anniversary Revealed By Hasbro

People around the globe will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars this year, and one of the main things have been wondering in the collecting community has been how Hasbro would handle it. Rumors have run rampant, and this morning they have started to reveal some of their plans ahead of next weeks Toyfair. […]