Digital Versions Of The Amazing Spider-Man Game Have Disappeared From Nintendo And PlayStation Stores

Posted by January 3, 2017 Comment


Here is a stark reminder that digital sales aren’t perfect…

Both The Amazing Spider-Man games have seemingly been pulled for digital purchase on both the Nintendo and PlayStation store. This was spotted first by the Wii U reddit, which notticed the games was not for sale anymore, however, this seems to also extend to the  PlayStation store too.

This is almost certainly down to a license being up with Activision, as we’ve seen this with a few games based on properties before. It is a nudge that reminds us that digital isn’t always the best way to preserve games. Granted, neither of these were masterworks, but the fact that titles can disappear from sale in the blink of an eye.

The game is still currently available on the Xbox store though, so go there if you want to pick one up I suppose.

[Small edit: It seems if you own the game already, you can still download the title. You just can’t buy it new]

(Last Updated January 3, 2017 1:04 pm )