Leslie Jones Campaigning To Be Ryan Reynolds’ Sidekick In Deadpool Sequel


Actors and actresses expressing interest in playing superhero roles is a common occurrence, and rarely actual news, even if it does make for a wonderful clickbait article topic on slow news days (like today). Ghostbusters and SNL star Leslie Jones, however, has taken her campaign to join the cast of Deadpool 2 as Ryan Reynolds‘ loudmouth sidekick to the next level, appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers to reiterate the message she originally sent Reynolds via Twitter last month, via a report on Eisner award winning (but not above the same clickbait as lowly Bleeding Cool) website Comic Book Resources.

“First of all, Ryan Reynolds has got to be one of the finest pieces of specimen,” Jones said when asked about her tweet. “But Blake is bad too. I wonder if they compare their badness to each other, like ‘maybe I’m hotter than you today.'”

“But on top of that,” Jones continued, “he’s hilarious. In Deadpool, I would love to be the sidekick, just feeding him back the lines.”

“I just want to be loud,” Jones responded when asked if she would have powers. “Like WAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH. Everybody’s clothes just come off of them.”

One of the stars that’s helped Saturday Night Live into a creative and popular resurgence of late, Jones would fit right in with the irreverent and hilarious Deadpool franchise. And while this interview is absolutely no indication that any such thing will actually happen, it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility, and certainly good enough for a slow news day like today.

Watch the video below:

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