Fan Made Pokemon Prism Is Cancelled Four Days Before Release After 8 Years Of Development

Posted by December 21, 2016 Comment

Fan versions of Pokemon are a popular thing. There is a lot of them, and they are becoming more and more popular. There was a lot of hoopla around Pokemon Uranium earlier this year for example.

An upcoming fan made game, Pokemon Prism has just been cancelled though. The heart-breaking thing? After eight years of devlopment, it has been stamped out by Nintendo a mere four days before releasing. Sole developer Adam Vierra took to Facebook to confirm that Nintendo had got in touch and demanded that the game not be released. Further more, his other fan-made Pokemon game, Pokemon: Brown, can no longer be available for download.

This certainly is sad, but these are the dangers when you mess around with IP owned by big corporations. They will always have an incentive to protect their franchises so can end any production on a dime. Especially considering that the trailer for the game has over a million views, I have to imagine this just got too big for Nintendo to ignore.

Here is the trailer, in case you wanted a look at the doomed project.

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