Matt Kindt, Tyler Jenkins Tease New BOOM! Studios Comic With Threatening Teaser

Matt Kindt, Tyler Jenkins Tease New BOOM! Studios Comic With Threatening Teaser

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We’ve known since New York Comic Con that Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins would be bringing a mysterious new series to BOOM! in March, and with the solicitations for that month on the way soon, BOOM! has decided to squeeze a little bit of extra coverage by offering CBR EXXXCLUSIVE teaser images for the comic all week long as part of the incestuous relationship between comic book media outlets and publishers. It also seems that BOOM! may give CBR the EXXXCLUSIVE reveal of the series at the end of the week.

Unless Rich Johnston can spoil it first. The countdown is on, Rich. Show us you’ve still got what it takes.

The teaser shows a person having hung a threatening sign in the woods, along with the caption, “you are not welcome here.” It seems like an odd way to launch a new book, by telling us that we’re not welcome. It looks like we’ll probably get another teaser for each day of the week, offering Kindt and Jenkins up to four more opportunities to insult us before revealing what the book is actually about.

Of course, we’d buy pretty much anything a creative team of this caliber puts out, so perhaps they can get away with it. Try putting that caption on a Bendis book, on the other hand, and we might really take it personally.

Well, anyway, here’s the teaser:


We’ll steal the rest from CBR as they put them out throughout the week.

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