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Grass Kings Vol. 1: A Little Boring but Builds Potential

Grass Kings Vol. 1: A Little Boring Honestly, But Ends With Promise [Review]

Grass Kings is an American modern murder-mystery, borrowing elements of fantasy and the Old West to tell the story about three brothers and the dissident slice of land they call home.  As an Eisner nominee for 2018’s Best New Series, this release from Boom Studios is a tempting trade to add to your collection, especially […]

Earn Your Preview Badge With This First Look at Black Badge #4

Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has revealed your first look at Black Badge #4, the series which asks the question everyone has been dying to know: what if the Boy Scouts were an elite team of black ops soldiers? Hey, don’t look at us. You’re the ones who keep asking the question. Said BOOM! Senior Editor Eric […]

First Look at Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins’s Black Badge #3

BOOM! Studios has released a first look at the upcoming Black Badge #3, the next chapter of the comic by Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins about an elite group of boy scouts used for black op missions by the government. Based on a true story. Probably. The comic is hitting stores on October 17th, and […]

First Look at Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins’s Black Badge #2

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at the second issue of Black Badge, the hit new series by Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins about an elite team of boy scouts doing black ops for the government, based on a true story (probably). Meet the Black Badges, a top-secret, elite branch of boy scouts tasked […]

Black Badge #1 cover by Matt Kindt

Black Badge #1 Review: The Dark and Absurd Extremes of Loyalty

Black Badge #1 cover by Matt Kindt[/caption] Black Badge #1 is a dark absurdist parody of the blind loyalty inherent in the Boy Scouts and, to a certain extent, the Armed Forces. The Black Badge troop goes into South Korea knowing only the broadest of strokes of their mission, and it is a life-threatening task. […]

black badge #1

First Look at Black Badge #1 by Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins

BOOM! Studios has released a first look inside Black Badge #1, the new ongoing series from Grass Kings creative team Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins. The series was announced back in May. In the press release, BOOM! Senior Editor Eric Harburn drew the short straw and was forced to provide the latest in a never-ending […]

Grass Kings #15 cover by Tyler Jenkins

Grass Kings #15 Review: A Somber and Satisfying Finale

The identity of the Thin-Air Killer is revealed, and we learn how much this person has affected the history and events within the Grass Kingdom. Will the killer face the justice they deserve? Will they get away? Will the Grass Kingdom survive? Grass Kings #15 brings an understated yet brutal conclusion to Matt Kindt, Tyler […]

Boy Scouts Go Black Ops in Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins’ Black Badge

The creative team behind the Eisner-nominated Grass Kings is getting back together for a follow-up at BOOM! Studios. Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins announced Black Badge, launching in August. The comic is about the titular Black Badges, “a top-secret, elite branch of boy scouts tasked by the government to take on covert missions that no […]

Grass Kings #14 cover by Tyler Jenkins

Grass Kings #14 Review: Who is the Thin-Air Killer?

Bruce continues his investigation into the Humbert’s, and we learn of Humbert Sr.’s clashes with the FBI in the “Thin-Air Killer” investigation. He later runs into an unexpected ally in his effort to bring down the Humbert’s. In the present, Robert of the Grass Kingdom tries to broker peace with the federal force laying siege […]

Grass Kings #13 cover by Tyler Jenkins

Grass Kings #13 Review: The Inversion of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5

We see how hostile Sheriff Humbert Sr. and Jr. are to the Grass Kingdom, and we learn of their desperation to pin the “Thin-Air Murders” on the residents of the Kingdom. In the present, federal law enforcement comes down on the Grass Kingdom. They want Archie, but they’re willing to bring the entire village down […]

Color Your Own Damn Dirty Apes: BOOM! Studios April 2018 Solicits

Brian Wood and Jorge Coelho bring your Robocop: Citizens Arrest #1, Nicole Andelfinger, Esdras Cristobal, Sarah Webb, Brittney Williams, and Ilaria Catalani bring you the R is for Reptar special, WWE brings you a Wrestlemania 2018 special, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Annual 2018 comes at you, and you can finally color your own Planet of the Apes. All this is brought to you by BOOM! Studios April solicits. Details below. ROBOCOP: CITIZENS ARREST […]

Creator Commentary: Matt Kindt And Tyler Jenkins On Grass Kings #1

The second issue of BOOM! Studios’ Grass Kings hits stores next week, and what better way to get ready than by reading a commentary from both creators, Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins, on the first issue? Well, alright, technically you could pick up the first issue at comiXology, but this serves as the perfect compliment […]

Matt Kindt, Tyler Jenkins And The Deep In BOOM! Studios Latest NYCC 2016 Announcements

BOOM! Studios is continuing their NYCC announcements, this week we’ve gotten three including something new from Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins plus an Netflix animated series coming to comics. Staring off with The Deep #1 fromt he family friendly KaBOOM! inprint and in cooperation with Australian publisher Gestalt. From the creative team of Tom Taylor (All-New […]

The Truth Revealed: Snow Blind #3 Review

With only two issues left of this brilliant mini-series, I was anxious to find out what would happen next in Snow Blind. From BOOM! Studios, written by Ollie Masters, with art by Tyler Jenkins, Snow Blind #3 is filled with a steady amount of tension. After Trent is taken into police custody, Teddy’s parents take […]

Snow Blind #2 Is A Heart-Pounding Read

The first issue of this comic knocked my socks off. From the moment I read the first page, I was hooked. Therefore, it’s no surprise that I was ready for Snow Blind #2 this month. From BOOM! Studios, written by Ollie Masters, with art by Tyler Jenkins, the second issue brings us an ambitious Teddy as he goes on a hunt […]