WWE Comic Ad Most Competently Produced Comic Book Promotional Video Since 1980s

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In January, BOOM! Studios’ ongoing WWE comic hits stores, and the one-shot WWE: Then, Now, Forever came out in October and is in stores now. On Twitter, WWE released a short video advertisement for the comic, which, while relatively modest and unspectacular, is leagues above the lackluster attempts at making comic book trailers or TV advertisements undertaken in recent years by Marvel and DC.

Take a look at this trailer for Marvel’s Infinity super-mega-crossover event, which suffers from a cheesy narrator and even cheesier animation:

Or this ad for DC’s Rebirth, which looks like an intern just watched a tutorial for creating transitions in their favorite video editing suite, grabbed the first royalty-free music they could find, and went to town:

And here’s WWE’s ad for their comic, presumably taking advantage of WWE’s skills at making video packages for their wrestling events:

It’s the best commercial for a comic we’ve seen since, well, the original one:

Agree? Disagree? Am I a dumb mark? A stupid fanboy? Let us know in the comments.

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