Marvel's TL;DR Tackles Civil War This Week

Marvel’s TL;DR Tackles Civil War This Week

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Last week, we told you about Marvel’s new web series which takes Marvel’s super-mega-crossover event stories and condenses them down to less-than-five-minute videos: TL;DR. Since Marvel’s super-mega-crossover events usually consist of several dozen issues by the time all the tie-ins are counted, this might seem like a tough job. However, Marvel actually does a pretty good job explaining the stories in that short time, probably due to the extreme “writing for the trade” decompression in modern comics that stretches a story that would have taken Stan and Jack one issue into an 8 issue mini with a zero issue and FCBD special along with seven ancillary tie-in minis and branded interruptions to every regular ongoing title.


Anyway, we’ve gotten off track. Last week, for the debut episode, Marvel covered Planet Hulk, and this week they’re doing Civil War. It’s both a good refresher or primer on the series, and has a few self-aware laughs as well (though I know not all Bleeding Cool readers like those). Check it out below, if you want:

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