Exclusive-No-More: Alex Ross’s Cover For Avengers #4

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When I first agreed to take this job at Bleeding Cool, it was with one thing in mind: money.

But if I had to choose a second thing, it would almost certainly be the opportunity to make a real difference in the comics landscape. One of the ways I plan to do that is by ending the oppression of EXXXCLUSIVE publisher-approved content on comic book websites. After all, why should a promotional comic book image stay locked away in the watermarked vaults of CBR’s web servers just because they happen to be a loyal media partner of Marvel Comics? It’s with that in mind that I’ve infiltrated Valnet Inc.’s headquarters and liberated Alex Ross’s cover to Avengers #4, which swipes homages Jack Kirby’s original Avengers #4 cover from 1963.

Be free, Alex Ross artwork! Be free!



If only Marvel would homage that sweet 1960s price point!

Avengers #4, by Mark Waid and Mike del Mundo, should be out in 2017.

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