When Sara Alfaqeeh Cosplayed As Captain America At Boston Comic Con


Sara Alfaqeeh is a cosplayer who integrates her Islamic dress styles into the characters she portrays, whether that be from Star Wars, Sailor Moon, Ms Marvel or Sailor Moon.


It usually goes over pretty well. At Botson Comic Con this weekend, however, she had a character that to some people, may be more challenging in that fashion, Captain America.

tumblr_obzhivOkgC1qm6bu4o2_1280 tumblr_obzhivOkgC1qm6bu4o1_1280Seems it went down rather well!

My Captain America cosplay from Boston Comic Con!! It was so well received and I wanna give such a huge thank you to everyone who came up to me at the con :D

Photos from @perfectaste


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