Don't Expect A Release Date For Insomniac's Spider-Man Any Time Soon


One of the more surprising and potentially exciting announcements at E3 was that Insomniac are currently making a fully fledged Spider-Man game. All reports are that this isn't shovelware, and will have a serious budget and production period.

However, because of that, don't expect to hear about the game's release anytime soon. When asked on Twitter by a fan when exactly we could expect to see the game, the developer said we shouldn't expect it anytime soon. They said:

When the fan went on he was disappointed and didn't want to be waiting over two years for the game, the developer did point out that it didn't say it would longer than two years.

Read into that last one what you will. I don't think a Christmas 2017 release date is unreasonable, but that is my own speculation.