Simon Baz Unlocks A Brand New Power In Green Lanterns #1, Today

Posted by June 15, 2016 Comment

STL007336Green Lanterns #1 is the first proper-proper first issue of the new Rebirth series – apart from the Green Lanterns Rebirth one-shot a couple of weeks ago.

Everyone clear?

But what will set these two Green Lanterns apart from the crowd? Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are already joined by the Green Lantern Power Battery, in a Quantum And Woody-style, but there’s more to come.

Such as in this issue, where Simon Baz manage to, somehow, unlock a new Green Lantern power.

Green Lanterns (2016-) 001-020Emerald Sight! Pre-cognition! Seeing the future… hang on…

Isn’t Marvel Comics doing this exact plot in Civil War II? Just as Secret Wars was Convergence, the death of Batman was the death of Captain America and much more, so it seems the DC Universe and the Marvel Universe are lining up again, even in Rebirth…


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