Walking Dead Blows Away Punisher – Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, 8th May 2016

The-walking-dead-154-coverThis is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors”, those who can’t wait to the weekend to get this week’s comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

And Punisher by Becky Cloonan and Steve Dillon lands high for its launch issue – but not as high as the new issue of The Walking Dead

  • 1. Walking Dead #154
  • 2. Punisher #1
  • 3. Amazing Spider-Man #12
  • 4. Star Wars Poe Dameron #2
  • 5. Uncanny X-Men #7
  • 6. Daredevil Punisher #2
  • 7. Invincible Iron Man #9
  • 8. Renato Jones #1
  • 9. Detective Comics #52
  • 10. Spider-Gwen #8

Thanks to the following retailers,

And this is what they had to say.

Finally, a non Star Wars book has taken the top spot….Punisher #1. Performing better than expected and actually was a good read. This book made me a little nervous since it was not written by Ennis or Rucka, but it seems to have a solid bed rock for the for first story arc at least.

When was the last time a non dc/marvel made it to #1 at our store???

Robotech of all things flew out of the store on the back-issue front.Thought it might have actually got some movie love behind it and we were going to see a live version on the big screen.

Not a single DC book made our Top Ten list this week, due in part to wrongheaded decisions at DC. If their marketing and promotions department had the slightest idea what they were doing, they would have promoted this “Life and Death of Superman” in advance of order deadlines, would have printed a healthy surplus to fill reorders, and would have turned this event in to a major hit. Instead, they squandered all that potential by treating store owners like the enemy from whom their secrets must be protected, and as a result added one more failure to the incredibly long list of DC bad decision-making.

Key Marvel Silver Age books are seeing an increased interest.

Pretty much all Marvel all the time with this week’s released. With the exception of Walking Dead. Empress, Renato Jones, and TMNT, it’s the Marvel show around these parts. Probably has to do with DC Rebirth.

Empress back issues are destroying it with the news of the movie. TONS of interest in the series right now. Every cover, every variant, people really want this bad boy.

Civil War back issues are also in super high demand as well.

Slow Wednesday and Thursday. With Free Comic Book Day a lot of people usually wait till Saturday to pick up their comics. Though this year’s Free Comic Book Day offerings other than Marvel’s titles customers are finding little interest in. Which is sad because it is also the 15th anniversary of FCBD this year.
Superman back issues along with the first X Factor series seen some love this week.

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