The Shape Of The Marvel Universe - Past, Present And Future (SPOILERS)

The Shape Of The Marvel Universe – Past, Present And Future (SPOILERS)

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The following posts contains what some may see as spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers Standoff: Omega and Ultimates. Though Angela, Queen Of Hel, Ms Marvel and All-New Wolverine, you should be able to get away with.

But handle with care.

Because we are looking at the the shape of the post-Secret Wars Marvel universe. Now on its eighth iteration of reality, with various things happening a year ago that have remained unrevealed. But also giving us peeks into the future – or a future.

As Ms Marvel reminds us…

Image (21)

…the world didn’t end. It was remade. In The Ultimates, Molecule Man gives us a couple of analogies.

Image (27)

Ah yes, the old broom that has had its bristles, its head and its handle replaced over the years – yet remains the old broom. A bit like every one of us. So how is it looking now?

Image (26) He’s talking about the comic book readers isn’t he? The ones who want everything “back to normal”

Image (12)

That’s right, them. And as for its future? That’s where the final issue of Angela, Queen Of Hel goes, jumping through time to see what is to come.

Image (28)A Frost Giant Invasion in a couple of years… as well as a little fourth wall breaking. No, they didn’t get it out of their system last issue. It really has been a most excellent comic book.

And in Amazing Spider-Man, the Zodiac get a glimpse of the upcoming year.

Image (13)

Regent, the survivor of the Battleworld who steal super powers. Heroes at each other’s throats would be Civil War II. We have seen a bandaged Norman Osborn. Skyspears have been filling the Inhumans world. Otto Octavius, currently trapped in the Living Robot, seems to get his body back in teasers for Spider-Man’s Dead No More story.

But Monsters on the rise? New U…. New Universe? Oh and one more person…


All this to come…

Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimates, Angela Queen Of Hel, Ms Marvel and All-New Wolverine and published by Marvel Comics today.

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