The Future Of Poison Ivy And DC Rebirth

The Future Of Poison Ivy And DC Rebirth

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DC Comics is publishing the Poison Ivy mini-series, by Amy Chu and Clay Mann, one of the few announced-for-January series that wasn’t suddenly relegated into the Legends Of Tomorrow anthology series, and also the only one to get a second print after issues sold out.

It has reinvented the character as a protagonist anti-hero with her own agenda that sometimes is allied with that of her friends and colleagues, and sometimes is anything but.

But it was notable that there was no Poison Ivy series for DC Rebirth. The twice-monthly scheduling has seen DC Comics pull back on a lot of the ancillary series in favour of twice as many copies of the big folks’ books, losing all manner of characters and their writers. Where now the Wildstorm characters? Or writers like Brian Buccellato, Jeff King, Tom Taylor, Gail Simone, David Walker and Ming Doyle? And, yes, Poison Ivy and Amy Chu?

Instead Poison Ivy will be one of the villains in the Scott Snyder series All-Star Batman and as a supporting character in Harley Quinn.

Writer Amy Chu has been mobilising the troops and teaching some home truths. And indicating that the sales of the next issue, Poison Ivy #4, will specifically affect whether or not the character returns in her own series.

If you are of a mind to buy the title, the Diamond order code is FEB160194.

Thanks to Matt for pointing out an orphaned sentence.

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