So… How Did Bleeding Cool Do? #DCRebirth


Time to look back on what we said about DC Rebirth. What did we get right? What did we get wrong?

In December last year, Bleeding Cool reported that,

I am told to expect, after the fifty-second issue of the remaining big books in May, to see a number of titles undergo a relaunch and retitle. Possibly with new creative teams, possibly not. But it’s an easy way to get the benefit of an issue 1 bump, and maybe a way to refocus and advertise the appeal of a comic with a new title.

And so it came to pass. And everything bar Harley Quinn got a brand new creative team. But there was more.

Also in December last year, we said

For certain titles that is. Bleeding Cool has been reliably informed by multiple sources that DC Comics is looking to make a number of comic books biweekly, publishing twice a month. The only issue is how many.

And this is what indeed happened. In February, we also noted

All the books being relaunched as part of the DC Rebirth…  will get a special Rebirth issue before their new #1. And those that are bi-weekly, like Batman, will get that first issue in the same month as their Rebirth issue.

But how did our specific stories pan out? We’d stated that a number of books like Trinity, Titans, Hal Jordan & The Green Lanterns, Nightwing, Birds Of Prey and The Super Man would come into being while Batman/Superman, Superman/Wonder Woman, Grayson, Starfire, Black Canary, Midnighter and Doctor Fate would be cancelled outright. There was, however, no comic called Man Of Steel. And The Super Man was renamed New Super Man.

As to the creator, what we said and what went down:

Tom King is writing Batman? YES.

Greg Rucka is writing Wonder Woman? YES.

We had Marguerite Bennett on the book earlier but we then reported she had been replaced by Rucka. Bennett also just started a Patreon funding service, stating,

I recently lost a major project shortly after a rather expensive surgery, and as I struggle to rebuild my 2016, I was hoping to be able to interact directly with you all, without a publisher, and share some art, writing, behind the scenes stories, how-to’s, journal entries, nonfiction, analysis, and anything else that isn’t exactly in the superheroes-and-insect-lesbians forte of my mainstream publications.

Pete Tomasi is writing Superman? YES

Dan Jurgens is writing Action Comics. YES

James Tynion IV is on a Batbook. YES, it’s Detective Comics.

Marc Silvestri has a Batman project. NO… or at least not yet. I mean he does, everyone who knows him knows he does. But not for Rebirth.

Scott Snyder has an ongoing deluxe Batman series? YES, it’s All-Star Batman. We originally stated that he was on Detective Comics but then that he dropped out for this.

It will be at an extended length TBA but we hear it’s 28 page stories each issue.

With an A-list guest artist list for the comic YES

As the comic runs through Batman’s rogue gallery YES

Starting with a Two-Face who knows all about your own monster inside… TBA

Alfred will have his hand back. TBA.

Green Lantern to star the current Power Ring. YES.. well, co-star with Simon Baz.

Batgirl has a Brazilian creator. YES. That would be Rafael Albuquerque. Ironically it was his variant cover for a previous issue of Batgirl not too long ago that would cause ructions within and without of DC.

Nightwing is the leader of the Titans. TBA

Damian Wayne will lead the Teen Titans, despite not being a teenager yet. YES – or at least he’ll try to.

Starfire is a member of the Teen Titans. TBA

And Earth 2 may feature the new Justice Society Of America, now revealed as a forgotten super hero team from the forties, brought forward to the present day. NO. Earth 2 is not mentioned on the schedule. And JLA is looking more likely right now.



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