The DC Comics Editor Embargo On Leaving Is Up – Who Will Stay And Who Will Go?

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When DC Comics moved from New York to Burbank, those who chose to stay with the company were moved out, uprooting their lives from one coast to the other. They were paid what observers described as very generous relocation payments. The only glitch was that employees, understandable, had to sign a guarantee that they wouldn’t quit for a year..

As of this month, that year is up. Right now.

I understand that two editors are off. Vertigo Associate editor Rowena Yow and DC Assistant editor David Piña.

The latter of whom has become a Marketing Consultant at Florida Value Partners.


There are others – but they may not have shown their hand quite so much as they are using up their accrued holiday allocations and don’t want it lose it all.

It is, indeed, shaping up to be a Wondercon of interesting times.

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