Classic Vs New Vampirella - Can The Redesign Replace The Iconic Look?

Classic Vs New Vampirella – Can The Redesign Replace The Iconic Look?

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With the recent redesigns Dynamite had Nicola Scott do for their iconic female characters, there has come a lot of buzz. Folks are curious to see how the redesign and relaunches will do. And while Red Sonja’s metal bikini was one of the most recognizable things about her, it wasn’t the only thing. The new design still features her long red hair and some chain mail so most folks could still recognize the character without any issue. And with Dejah Thoris, there was no definitive outfit, more of a lack of one.


But Vampirella has looked the same for 47 years (except for the Vampi manga series). Red monokini with a white collar and black boots… you knew exactly who it was when you saw her. Now you can easily make an argument that the outfit is too skimpy, shows too much skin, is sexist… its a product of the era it was created in and maybe it is a time for a change. But this is the same comic industry that went nuts when Superman got rid of the red shorts and Wonder Woman got pants. Readers really don’t like change.


The new outfit looks good, seems mostly practical and incorporates a good number of design elements from the original. But where you look at the new Red Sonja design you still see Red Sonja… do you see Vampirella here? I think the success of this redesign / relaunch for Dynamite will really come down to this title. Will fans get behind the new look? Only time and sales will tell.

For fans of the old look, there is a digital comic sale on Vampirella Archives from the old Warren years going on at Comixology until 11 pm tonight.

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