What Can We Learn From This Look At Avengers Standoff: Welcome To Pleasant Hill

Coming in February, Avengers Standoff: Welcome To Pleasant Hill by Nick Spencer and Mark Bagley, on FOC now and out on the 17th February?


We have Bucky/Winter Soldier/Nomad breaking in somewhere that you are not meant to break into.


This appears to be a SHIELD facility, the one that secretly has been using cosmic cubes as a reality-warping defence/assault mechanism, that was meant to have been shut down? By a Captain America, Sam Wilson, who has had his own life rewritten by cosmic cubes? Is this an Iso-8 storage facility?
Avengers_Standoff_Welcome_to_Pleasant_Hill_1_Rhodes Variant

What escapes from there? How does it affect the sleepy community of Pleasant Hill?


How does this girl get hold of a cube and who is trapped inside?
Avengers_Standoff_Welcome_to_Pleasant_Hill_1_Robinson_Hip_Hop_Variant How are the Captains at odds?Avengers_Standoff_Welcome_to_Pleasant_Hill_1_Young_Variant


And will it actually be this literal?



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