CB Cebulski To Leave Marvel In New York… Forever!


CB Cebulski, Vice President of International Business Development & Brand Management at Marvel Comics is celebrating his 14th year at Marvel next week.

And while he spends much of his time in Asia these days pursuing the interests of Marvel Comics, he still calls New York, where he grew up, where he lived his life, the place he calls home.

But not for long. I am told that CB, though staying with the wider Marvel Comics company, is leaving the New York part of it. What for, I don’t know. joining Steve Wacker in Animation? Jeph Loeb in TV? Betraying his kith and kin to gain entry to Feige Island? Kick starting Marvel China? No idea as yet. More as we have it.

We do have a new photo of him though… one without Esad Ribic, Paris Hilton or cats.

Hey, he couldn’t be coming to London could he?

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