The Wasp To Return To Marvel Comics In All-New All-Different Wolverine

tumblr_nrt5w3iNMU1u7d9u7o1_r1_1280There are a number of characters we have heard little from in the All-New All-Different Marvel “cosmic refresh”. But one of them is The Wasp. She did appear in the post-Secret Wars original graphic novel Rage Of Ultron, but it seemed to spell her absence from Marvel.

Still, with the Ant-Man And The Wasp movie announced, that could never be for long.

And in the solicitation for the All-New All-Different Wolverine collection on Amazon, we find exactly where she’ll be appearing – emphasis mine.

Now SHE’S the best there is! X-23 was created to be a weapon and, for a time, that’s all she was. But with the help of her mentor, Logan – the original Wolverine -she escaped that dark past. Now the man she knew has fallen, but Laura will honor his memory as the All-New Wolverine. But with the famous cowl comes a world of misery and mystery…like the devastating secret of the Four Sisters. Uncovering it will involve new friends Dr. Strange and the Wasp, and lethal new enemies like the Taskmaster! But after recent events, Laura is growing used to doing everything in her power to save those around her from forces hell-bent on destruction. If anyone can stop them, it’s Laura. After all, it’s what Wolverine does.


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