Welcome To A New New Avengers Member - She's Called Pod (LGBT UPDATE)

Welcome To A New New Avengers Member – She’s Called Pod (LGBT UPDATE)

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NEWAVN2015001_CovRevBAl Ewing has been talking All-New All-Different New Avengers to Newsarama. And has let slip about a new New Avenger.

Pod is fascinating – this completely new character, part human, part something very strange and non-human – so she was in from the start.

That’s the only mention made… can’t see her on the covers, but she’s probably on this black-and-white image somewhere…


UPDATE: Bleeding Cool’s Joe Glass points out: 

She’s the character next to Songbird in the black and white double page spread, the slightly robot looking one. She’s obviously the Hickman created character and is also a lesbian/Bisexual woman inside that semi – sentient bio-armor, adding another element of queer diversity to the book

There you go then…. Noreweigan’s Aikku Jokinen, bonded to a defence suit, her first appearance was  Avengers Vol 5 #15…



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