The Comic Book Act Of Vandalism That Melted A Nation’s Heart

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It was an Asterix comic book as well, that the polite but distraught eight year old boy apologizing to the Toronto Public Library was apologising for.

Quite the crime, depending on whether or not Goscinny wrote it.

People report the note was  “written by Jackson Dowler who insisted on apologizing because he “felt bad for other kids that might want to read the book.”

“We tried to tape it, but I wrote the note so I could tell the library it was ripped so they could fix it better… Other kids who want to read it don’t want to be missing a page. It was my dad’s favorite book and it’s mine too. It’s full of adventure!”

And so on August 19th, in recognition for this act of honesty, Jackson was honoured by the library And was sent copies of Asterix books from people who heard about it on social media.

Whether this will inspire more kids to rip up library comics, apologise, then stick their hands out for free stuff, has yet to be determined.


Great Divide? Oh that’s a good one. Yeah, to the stocks with him…

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