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Station Eleven Review: An Introspective, Lyrical Post-Apocalyptic Tale

It isn't often that my home stomping grounds appear in books, outside of Hemingway's terse words, or, if you're lucky, some Jim Harrison short lit-fic. But Station Eleven, a National Book Award Finalist by Emily St. John Mandel, finally gives me some home-town love in a post-disaster tale of art, life, limited-edition comic books, music, and cults. […]

The Comic Book Act Of Vandalism That Melted A Nation's Heart

Found in the book drop @ Main Street branch :) Here's to many more nights falling asleep with a good book, Jackson! — Toronto Public Library (@torontolibrary) August 15, 2015 It was an Asterix comic book as well, that the polite but distraught eight year old boy apologizing to the Toronto Public Library was […]

Silver Snail To Close In Ottawa

Forty year old Canadian comic store The Silver Snail, is to close its Ottawa branch . As famous as comic books come, it is legendary for the comics it sells, the clientele it attracts and the celebrities who turn up to browse of the finest comic stores in existence. And it is closing. The manager Kin, who […]

Making Ron Swanson Cry – Toronto ComiCon 2015

Walking The Floor at Toronto ComiCon Diana McCallum writes for Bleeding Cool. Pull on your boot covers and grab your spandex because winter is over, con season is upon us and I'm here to paint you a word picture about my journey around Toronto ComiCon this weekend. First of all, don't let the name fool […]

Robert Charpentier Of Comics And More In Toronto, Dies, Aged 54

Longtime comics owner Robert Charpentier passed away on October 17th from cancer. The owner of Comics And More in Toronto, Canada and much loved comics seller for 25 years, received an obituary in the Toronto Star, CHARPENTIER, Robert Joseph – Quietly in his sleep at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre after a short battle with cancer at the […]

The Joe Shuster Awards 2014 – Full Audio

The wonderful Jamie Colville attended the 10th Annual Joe Shuster Awards held in Toronto on Saturday August 20th. Nicknamed the Human Recorder, he provided full audio of the event below… [audio:] Presented at the Back Space Toronto, 587A College Street, Toronto, Ontario. The awards start off with a video of Stan Lee who congratulating a 2007 Joe […]

No Plans For Iron Man 4 According To Robert Downey Jr

In an interview with Variety while at the Toronto Film Festival, Robert Downey Jr. was asked about the possibility of an Iron Man 4. "There isn't one in the pipe," Downey said. "No, there's no plan for a fourth 'Iron Man.'" He is only signed on with Marvel and Disney to do two Avengers sequels […]

DC Entertainment: All Access 101 At Fan Expo Canada

Diana McCallum writes for Bleeding Cool from Fan Expo The first DC panel of the weekend at Fan Expo was "DC Entertainment: All Access 101", hosted by Larry Ganem from DC Entertainment. It seemed like "All Access" meant "feel free to ask anything – but the answer will probably be No Comment." The panel started […]

Things To Do In Toronto In August If You Like Comics

Diana McCallum writes for Bleeding Cool: Saturday, August 23rd Ladies Night Returns at the Comic Book Lounge and Gallery on August 23rd, 2014 from 8pm to midnight. This is "Toronto's premiere event exclusively for female fandom" and gives girls the chance to network, browse shelves and talk comics in a safe and supportive environment. The […]

Late Night Fun – Caffeinated Crime Fighters UPDATED

Update – I mistakenly said the cup-masks were made for Free Comic Book Day but they were in fact done for New Comic Book Day. And the folks there sent us some more images to go with… so I've added them below. I've always thought if I open a comic shop I would put a […]

Because Coffee Cups Have Secret Identities Too

These days we know too much about our coffee. Each and every chain can't wait to tell you where the beans came from, who picked them, what time of the day it was and which camel pissed on them to give them that earthy tang. But do we ever think if the coffee wants all […]

Informa Bought Fan Expo Canada During The Summer

In a letter handed out to vendors at Fan Expo Canada, it's been revealed that the show has been bought by show organisers Informa from Hobby Star. And that the deal occured over the summer, though the original organisers CEO of Hobby Star Aman Gupta and President Steve Menzle have continued to run the show, […]

Welcome To The Fortress – A New Comic Store In Ontario, Canada

  This weekend, a new comic store opened in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. It's called Fortress Inc, it's got a great looking storefront logo, and looks clean and spacious. Heavy on the superhero, it's always nice to report a new store opening, rather than one closing. If you're in the area, pop […]

The New Wordburglar Video, Filmed At Fan Expo Canada, Celebrates My Comic Book Collection

[youtube][/youtube] At Bleeding Cool we rather enjoy the hip hop geek chic stylings of Wordburglar and previously featured his shot-in-a-comic-store Rhyme O'Clock. Indeed just the morning I had the "haters gotta hate but it's really unwarranted" rhyme knocking around my head. Well now they have a new video for Drawing With Words from his third […]

Morbius The Living Vampire #1 For January From Marvel… And More

The Amazing Spider-Man panel at Fan Expo Canada has been discussing much. Mostly to do with Amazing Spider-Man #700, but plenty more besides. Dan Slott has discussed how every issue from now until then will be a puzzle piece to a giant story. How technology from Spider-Island will return in the Goblin War during the […]

Justice League Dark To Get A Princess Of Gemworld

Diana McCallum writes for Bleeding Cool from Fan Expo Canada. From Friday's DC Access All Areas panel Was kind of a thin panel, they didn't discuss any major titles except for Flash. Only stuff worth noting was: Animal Man 13-17 is going to include a lot of the DC major players (especially Hawkman). Beast Boy, […]

Avengers Vs X-Men To Be The Model For Future Marvel Events

It's true I've been a little down on the Avengers Vs X-Men event, only really liking a couple of the issues so far, but enjoying more of the spinoff bits – the opposite of the way I usually experience these things. But I can't deny that it's been far more effective than previous crossovers, dominating […]