Bruce Banner Recreates Hulk, As Wheelchair Cosplay

Bruce Banner Recreates Hulk, As Wheelchair Cosplay

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This is eleven-year-old Ellijah Davila cosplaying TerrifiCon in Connecticut two weeks ago.


His costume was designed for him and his wheelchair by his uncle Eric D. Levine

Elijah has been diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He chose the subject of his costume himself and, according to the Sentinel Source, requested from his uncle that it contain “butt-kicking action,”

He started researching materials he could use to make legs that would attach to the wheelchair and move. He settled on a foam used on treadmills and PVC pipe, he said.

He then had to carve, sand and spray paint the foam pieces to make them look like the Hulk’s legs when they were put together with screws and nuts, he said. He also carved “HULK” in one of the foam knees, and “SMASH” in the other, and put green LED lights behind the letters, which involved some wiring, he said. He put the same kind of lights in the Hulk’s body, which were foam front and back plates held together with Velcro.

The family also attended in cosplay, as Agent Carter, Maleficent, Poison Ivy, Iron Man, a Minion and Princess Anna.

It appears that the family that cosplays together, stays together.

While Eric? He pushed Elijah’s wheelchair dressed as Dr Bruce Banner, pushing the metafiction off the scale…


And next year? A functioning AT-AT Walker from Empire Strikes Back. No joke…
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