A Brand New Batgirl For The DC Universe? (Batgirl #43 SPOILERS)

A Brand New Batgirl For The DC Universe? (Batgirl #43 SPOILERS)

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Today’s Batgirl #43 sees a danger in the form of rogue tigers. But it’s not the only danger walking the streets of Burnside.

Frankie Charles, old friend of Barbara Gordon, turned roommate, turned potential new Oracle to Batgirl may no longer be content with the current situation.

IMG_0025 Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

IMG_0028a And if you look like this, why not?

IMG_0028The only thing is, once you start dressing up as Batgirl, it is very hard to stop. You become Batgirl. You are Batgirl. It can affect all sorts of people…

Sexiest-NYCC-Cosplay … and not everyone gets a spinoff series.

You also, of course, become a target. Sometimes, like Batman, that’s the point.

Good luck out there Frankie. It’s a dangerous business being Batgirl…

Batgirl #43 is published today from DC Comics. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With a signing for Doctor Who and Planet of The Apes artist Rachel Scott today, and launching an exhibition for Jessica Martin on Saturday.


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