Guardians Of The Galaxy Cartoon Licenses Real 70s Hits, Like The Movie (UPDATE)

Guardians Of The Galaxy Cartoon Licenses Real 70s Hits, Like The Movie (UPDATE)

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Guardians_Of_The_Galaxy_Series_PosterOne of the things that made the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie swing was the music. Via a Sony Walkman, Peter Quill’s remaining gift from his mother, it gave the film a perfect excuse to use classic seventies music tracks throughout. And each was licensed, signed and paid for with big budget movie cash.

But animated series don’t usually have that luxury. Music is often created in studio using session musicians to sound a little bit like the actual music you want but can’t afford.

But not, it seems, in the Guardians Of The Galaxy animated series airing from the end of September on Disney XD. Bleeding Cool has learned that actual hit music tracks from the seventies have been licensed for use in individual episodes, giving each show a recognisable musical identity, and tying the look and feel back into the movie in a rather audible and unexpected way.

Which means, yes, when watching the Guardians Of The Galaxy cartoon, you will definitely be hooked on a feeling.

UPDATE: It’s the Rich Twitch! CBR suddenly chooses to run a Guardians animated interview,

Wacker: We actually have the mixtape. We have a bunch of music in there.

Radomski: Our version of it.

Wacker: Eric and Cort Lane, our VP of Animation Development, helped procure the rights for all these songs.



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