Venom Gets A Brand New Origin In Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars (Spoilers)

This is how it went down the first time. From the original Secret Wars #8. Where Spider-Man encounters a strange alien clothes making machine…


But instead, gains a symbiotic costume.

That would, on their return to Earth, suck Spider-Man of his life force and eventually become the monstrous Venom.

backgroundBut where did that monstrousness come from? Was it all innate? Or did the symbiote pick it up from somewhere? Because today's Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars rewrites that scene, giving us a little prequel to it.


So Deadpool gets to use the machine first… and gets his own venemous look.


And after a little experimentation realises something that it would take Spider-Man years to put together…

IMG_0075And there you go. The origin of Venom's psyche has now been rewritten as being all Deadpool's fault.

Though, you know, as this issue shows, he does also save the day.

But this, right here, right now, is the new origin of Venom. It's official folks…

This week's comics courtesy of Orbital Comics in London. Who, this Saturday, have a Fables #150 signing, talk and musical evening for the launch of Mark Buckingham's gallery exhibition.


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