Today, In Batgirl, Someone’s Getting Married (SPOILERS)

Today’s Batgirl #42 sees Barbara Gordon up against her father again, the new Batman, Jim unaware of his daughter’s identity, Barbara unable to admit to her knowledge, but nevertheless playing off on a father/daughter relationship that neither of the parties can acknowledge.

So there’s that. But we also have a bit of a final page spoiler that might get the net a’buzzing.

DC Comics has stated that its lead characters are not going to be getting married anymore. Previous marriages of Aquaman, the Flash, Superman, were simply wiped out of existence with the New 52 Reboot.

And the creative team of Batwoman walked off the title after a previously greenlit marriage story was nixed from up top. Romance is possible, encouraged even…


But marriage? That’s a no-no.

Howver, side characters? That’s a different story. Apparently, they’re fairer game to get hitched.


And the lucky lady in question? Alysia Yeoh, who hit the headlines a year or so ago as a non-supered, non-alien, just-normal transgender character in the Batgirl comic.

IMG_0079I think this will be the first same-sex transgender marriage in mainstream comic books. Correct me if I’m wrong…

And hey, she uses to date Barbara’ psychopathic brother James Gordon, so Jo has to be an improvement.

I hope.

This week’s comics courtesy of Orbital Comics in London. Who, this Saturday, have a Fables #150 signing, talk and musical evening for the launch of Mark Buckingham’s gallery exhibition.


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