A New Gay Asian Giant-Man For The Marvel Universe (SPOILERS)

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From yesterday’s Ant-Man Annual, we meet Raz Malhotra.

Ant-Man (2015-) Annual 001-015

Who gets used by Egghead to do some naughty things. The Scott Lang Ant-Man and Hank Pym Giant-Man get involved and the day is saved, all in flashback. However in the present, post-Secret Wars day we get to see a little behind the scenes of Raz’s life.

Ant-Man (2015-) Annual 001-029

Isn’t that sweet? But what’s in the box? What’s in the box? Is it a severed Egghead? No…

Ant-Man (2015-) Annual 001-030That’s the Giant-Man costume. Welcome to the new identity, Raz Malhotra.

I dunno. You remember what happened to the last Giant-Man of BAME origin during Marvel’s Civil War? And there’s a new movie of that name coming up too….

But this is all in post-Secret Wars continuity. And with Hank Pym gone, someone has to step up.


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