Journey On PlayStation 4 Is Coming In Two Weeks

Journey On PlayStation 4 Is Coming In Two Weeks

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Journey is a very important game to me, as I know it is to a lot of people. The vague but personal story it takes you on is a conduit for a lot of interpretations and many people have found imense meaning in the title. It won a ton of Game of the Year awards when it came out and still remains somewhat of a classic of its era.

The game is making a jump to PlayStation 4 too, and it’s happening very soon. The up-rez finally has a release date and will be with us in two short weeks. The game will come out on Jul 21st and if you already own the title on PlayStation 3, worry not: you’ll get the game for totally free.

Take a look at the launch trailer. If you haven’t played this game, I encourage you to consider doing so. It’s certainly an experience.

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