The Latest On Secret Wars Lateness

The Latest On Secret Wars Lateness

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670177_1cfb7ab0d7d8e36a889fab43e533b2323003e5bfBleeding Cool gave you a run down on the lateness of Marvel’s Secret Wars and spinoff series last week. Well, one week later, those same late books get later, and new ones join the domino toppling.

1602 Witch Hunter Angela #3 has slipped three weeks to 9th September

1872 #2 has slipped three weeks but has now slipped a fourth to 12th August. And 1872 #3 slips three weeks to 16th September

A-Force #2 is now 2 weeks late instead of one week, slipping to 1st July.

Age of Apocalypse #3 was one week late to 19th August but is now three weeks late to 2nd September.

Civil War #3 was one week late for 19th August but has slipped a further week to 26th August.

Hail Hydra #1 was one week late to 8th July but is now two weeks late to 15th July, and #2 has done the same to the 19th August. While Hail Hydra #3 has now slipped three weeks from 26th August to 16th September.

Siege #3 is now three weeks late to the 9th September. Squadron Sinister #2 and #3 are one week late, to the 8th July and 19th August respectively.  Star-Lord And Kitty Pryde has slipped a week to 2nd September. And Thors #3 is one week late from 26th August to 2nd September.

Infinity Gauntlet #4 has now slipped two weeks from 26th August to 9th September.

Weirdworld #3 already three weeks late is now four weeks late, scheduled for 26th August, joining Weirdworld #2, and Weirdworld #4 is now also four weeks late, slipping from 26th of August to 23rd September.

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