Now It's Time For DC Comics To Pay Scott Shaw For Captain Carrot...

Now It’s Time For DC Comics To Pay Scott Shaw For Captain Carrot…

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Discussing the appearances of Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew in recent DC Comics titles, including yesterday’s Justice League United preview, co-creator of the character Scott Shaw was asked on Facebook,

Andrew Rubio: Scott, have you or Roy received any compensation for the Captain’s recent appearances (Multiversity and Convergence tie-ins)?

Scott Shaw: Not a cent.

Andrew Rubio: Well that really sucks. Is there anything the masses can do that hasn’t been tried yet?

Scott Shaw: According to the contract that Roy Thomas and I signed back in the 1980s, we should only get paid a royalty for NON-COMICS usage of the Zoo Crew — books, TV animation, movies, etc. The Zoo Crew HAS appeared on TV (the Robot Chicken DC Superheroes special on Adult Swim) and the Scribblenauts video game, but we haven’t received anything. ..yet.

I’ve often found that this kind of this isn’t intentional, but a result of the left hand and the right hand not knowing what the other is doing. But also that running a piece on Bleeding Cool can be enough for them to shake hands.


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