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Young Justice #7: Crossing Over With Captain Carrot [Preview]

Young Justice #7: Crossing Over With Captain Carrot [Preview]

After being ejected from Gemworld at the conclusion of Young Justice #6, the team is found skipping throughout the multiverse in this preview of Young Justice #7. First, they find themselves in Earth 42 where they meet the Li’l League… But unfortunately, Bart’s threats of devouring them whole leads to a negative reaction… And Cyborg […]

Now It’s Time For DC Comics To Pay Scott Shaw For Captain Carrot…

Discussing the appearances of Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew in recent DC Comics titles, including yesterday’s Justice League United preview, co-creator of the character Scott Shaw was asked on Facebook, Andrew Rubio: Scott, have you or Roy received any compensation for the Captain’s recent appearances (Multiversity and Convergence tie-ins)? Scott Shaw: Not a cent. […]

Captain Carrot Will Be Part Of The DC Universe In July

Today’s Justice United short story from some unidentified DC Comic book features a look around the whole DCU picking up folk who could be in the new Justice League United, at some point, who give their blessing to be called when necessary. And the last page gives a splash on all the folks who can […]

A New Strong Female DC Comics Character Makes Her New 52 Debut – Yankee Poodle?

From today’s Justice League Of America… I’m not sue if everyone’s locked up in a prison on Earth 3, or if they are all actually inside Firestorm, now stranded there. Either way. But the game commences with Martian Manhunter and Stargirl going from prison to prison, realm to realm, Justice Leaguer to Justice Leaguer. But […]