How Secret Wars-y Are Today's Secret Wars Crossovers? Part II

How Secret Wars-y Are Today’s Secret Wars Crossovers? Part II

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Your regular guide to exactly how Secret Wars-y today’s Secret Wars crossover titles are. Individual titles have different levels of connection to the rest of the Battleworld. If you want to read titles that have a greater or a lesser connection to the whole, as far as individual issues are concerned, maybe this will help…

Inferno #1

i1Very little indeed… except that it does tie in with events seen in Secret Wars #2 regarding the barons of this world. Which gets it an extra head of Doom.

Infinity Gauntlet #1


Not one mention or reference beyond the logo… but what a beautiful book.

Inhumans: Attilan Rising #1

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 16.04.26Oh this is Secret Wars central. Cross-world travel, a big Thors fight, Doctor Doom addressing Medusa, this is the second most Secret Warsy of all the Secret Wars comics out today.

MODOK Assassin #1


And this is the most. The creation of the universe and status quo by Doom, the lands around Killville where Baron Zemo rules and MODOK smashing up Sentinels that crossover the border and a very familiar Thor that gets in the way. There is no more Secret Warsy book than MODOK Assassin today! And he knows it! Die! Die! Die!!!

Old Man Logan #1


Thors, the Wall and scattered Ultron helmets from somewhere else. A world that knows its place. And one man willing to challenge it. The next issue should up the head count. And not just for Ultron.

Secret Wars 2099 #1

2099 1

Not one mention…. but again, proof that the only future Captain Americas worth their salt are black women.

Secret Wars Journal #1


Sheriffs, barons, god Doom and folks sent to the Shield for their trangressions – for the first half. And then nary a mention for the second…

X-Men ’92 #1


Barons and mention of Doom give this game of laser-tag…

Where Monsters Dwell #1

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 16.20.43

Interesting, despite recognising that there are different worlds, the characters seem to have no knowledge of this, of that the rest of the world they imagine is just not there. No mention of Doom, no mention of barriers, just a really entertaining comic book. As for crossing from one world to another, there are no Thors – but there is a crack of lightning. But for that it gets…

So, if you are a fan of the Battleworld or not, you now have a better choice to make….

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