Miss America To Get Her Own Series?

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She plays a large part in this week’s A-Force #1, as her actions in the issue help to define the laws of the Battleworld and let us understand the structure of Secret Wars a little more.


But I understand that there is more than just A-Force for America Chavez, better known as Miss America, in months to come.

Created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta for the series Vengeance, but also based on the 1943 iteration of the character, this cross-dimensional action hero got a leading role in Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie‘s Young Avengers, given the kick-splodo power to knock holes into other realities. And outs herself as being bi or lesbian….

Young Avengers #15 (2015) - Page 19

And in this week’s A-Force, she kinda does that, in a Battleworld way, which cause all sorts of problems with the Thors.

But all is not lost? I hear America Chavez will get getting her own ongoing series in the post-Secret Wars Marvel universe…

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