A Better Look At *That* Secret Wars T-Shirt

A Better Look At *That* Secret Wars T-Shirt

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On Wednesday, Bleeding Cool highlighted a T-Shirt seen onsale at Wal-Mart which seemed to encapsulate fears about Marvel’s attitude towards their characters whose movie and TV rights are not fully controlled by Marvel.

The famous Secret Wars #1 cover by Mike Zeck, with the Fantastic Four, X-Men and other characters removed and replaced with more Marvel Studios-friendly characters.

Some folk thought it was a poor Photoshop job and, while that may be true, it is a real shirt. It doesnt appear on the Wal-Mart site that we can see but here is a better shot of it – and you can find it onsale on eBay and Amazon. 

$_57 (12)It has also been noted that, as a result of the changes, an image that used to have five women on it, now only has one… though the Wasp’s shadow still remains on Captain America’s shield. So she is there in spirit…


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