Midnighter Just Had A One Night Stand With Warren Ellis

In today's Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle #2, the backup preview features Midnighter, by Steve Orlando and ACO.

And we open with the young, naked Midnighter in bed, grabbing his Batman underoos, amidst a pile of condoms.


Is this the first condom appearance in DC's standard superhero comic line? It's been a while since that issue of Static that caused all the fuss…But who is he there with?


"Warren". As in Warren Ellis, the co-creator of Midnighter, from Stormwatch and then The Authority. Okay, he may not look like Warren Ellis does…


…but he does just seem to have "met" his maker. So that's how the comic begins, does it continue in a sexual manner?m3That "spastic shots" mention might be something of concern to some but… a demon down his throat? But maybe I'm reading too much into…


Or "that's what he said"…

So, yes, it looks like Midnighter, when it launches in June will be a little on the shameless side. A companion book to the new Starfire perhaps.


Yeah, they got it going on.


But nowhere near as much as today's Red Hood/Arsenal preview in the back of Convergence: Titans


And Green Arrow's preview in the back of Convergence: Speed Force is also doing its bit to move the comic away from the All-Ages label that Convergence had been enjoying…


And in Doomed in the back of Convergence Superman #2, just how much can you read into an arm placement and choice of scarf?

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